Arno Roscher

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Dr. Roscher has published hundreds of papers. You can find many of them at PubMed.

1. Critical Review of Contemporary Cellulartherapy (Celltherapy)
Eugene G. Jussek, M.D., and Arno A. Roscher, M.D.

First published in Journal of Gerontology, 1970, Vol 25, No. 2
2. Fatal Accidental Diglycolic Acid Intoxication
Arno A. Roscher, M.D., Eugene Jussek, M.D.,
Thomas Noguchi, M.D., and Stanley Franklin, M.D.

Presented at the 64th An. Meet. of the Internat. Academy of Pathology, March 4-8, 1975, New Orleans, LA
3. Die Behandlung Der Achilles Sehnen Verletzungen, Inaugural Dissertation.
A. A. Roscher, M.D., Munich, 1954 (Doctoral Thesis)
4. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia with Histopathological Studies Following Total Body Irradiation in a Dog.
A. A. Roscher, M.D., R. S. Boatwright, M.D., H. G. Kupfer, M.D., H. R. Egdhal, M.D.

Am. Vet. Med. Association: 490-500, May 1960
5. Carotid Artery Rupture After Irradiation of Larynx.
A. A. Roscher, M.D., Burns C. Steele, M.D., John S. Woodward, M.D.

A.M.A. Archives of Otolaryngology. 83: 472-476, May 1966
6. Fatal Gastrointestinal Complications Following Cobalt Therapy For Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix.
A. A. Roscher, M.D., John S. Woodard, M.D.

International Surgery. 51: 526-536, June 1969
7. Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.
E. Weinstein, M.D., E. Felmar, M.D., H. Endlich, M.D., A. A. Roscher, M.D.

International Surgery, 52: 199-203, September 1969
8. Cancer and Thrombohemorrhagic Disease.
A. A. Roscher, M.D.

International Surgery, 52: October 1969
9. Current Concepts in the Study of the Aortic Arch and Brachocephalic Vessels: A Clinical and Pathological Study of 300 Cases Including Surgical Results.
H. L. Endlich, M. D., A. A. Roscher, M. D.

Presented at the Twelfth International Congress of Radiology, October 1969, Tokyo, Japan. International Surgery, 55: #1,1971
10. Critical Review of Current Concepts of Cellular Therapy.
E. Jussek, M.D., A. A. Roscher, M.D.

Journal Gerontology, 25: 119-125, 1970 / National Library of Medicine
11. Why Use the Pap Test?
A. A. Roscher, M.D.

Scancer, 3: 3, 1970
12. Malignant Mucocele of the Appendix with Thrombo-Embolic Manifestation.
H. Endlich, M.D., A. A. Roscher, M.D.

International Surgery, 53: 210-217, March 1970
Dr. Arno A. Roscher, M.D., is a World Governor, Vice President and US Section Representative at Large of the International College of Surgeons. He is a Clinical Professor of Pathology, Keck School of Medicine, USC (LA) Ret., and Emeritus Director of Laboratories, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. He is also an Emeritus member of FICS (Hon.) and FCAP and FASCP.