Arno Roscher

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25. Giant Teratomas with Benign Glial Seeding Mimicking Abdominal Carcinoma.
A. A. Roscher, M.D.

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26. Clinical Disorders of the Pelvis.
A. A. Roscher, M.D.,

6th Annual Symposium, Granada Hills Community Hospital.December 15, 1974 ...
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27. Renal Vein and Inferior Vena Cava Thrombosis in Malignant Mucocele of the Appendix.
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A. A. Roscher, M.D., E. Jussek, M.D., T. Naguchi, M.D., Stanley Franklin, M.D.

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29. Wada-Cutter Disc Occluder Valve Embolization, Six Years After Surgery.
A. A. Roscher, M.D., Thomas P. Comer, M.D., S. Tilkian, M.D.

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A. A. Roscher, M.D., William H. Kern, M.D.

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A. A. Roscher, M.D., Eugene Weinstein, M.D.

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A. A. Roscher, M.D., Brasch, M.D.

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A. A. Roscher, M.D.

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A. A. Roscher, M.D., D. McClellan, M.D.

International Surgery, In print
36. My 39 Years with the ICS.
This paper was also published in International Surgery
November-December 2008, Volume 93 Number 6 Pages 309-311.
A.A. Roscher, MD, CAP, ASCP, ICS
Dr. Arno A. Roscher, M.D., is a World Governor, Vice President and US Section Representative at Large of the International College of Surgeons. He is a Clinical Professor of Pathology, Keck School of Medicine, USC (LA) Ret., and Emeritus Director of Laboratories, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. He is also an Emeritus member of FICS (Hon.) and FCAP and FASCP.